Cultural Education

Pyramid Lake Jr Sr High School offers a wide array of cultural education opportunities for our students.

Courses offered at PLHS:

  • Native Art
    • Basket Making
    • Beading
    • Ceramics
    • Drawing and Painting
    • Printmaking/Silkscreening
  • Native Studies
    • Traditional Crafts
    • Traditional Foods
    • Traditional Games
  • Native Performing Arts (Dance)
  • Native Language
  • Native Choir

Students explore Great Basin history and experience traditional native arts and crafts. They grow food in the hoop house, cook, and eat their harvest. Traditional foods and activities vary from year to year. Students have learned to skin rabbits, clean and smoke fish, and make several different types of stews, soups, and breads. Depending on availability, students work with tule, willow, hides, and learn a variety of beading techniques. Guest speakers also share their talents, knowledge, and skills with our youth. Our classes welcome family, friends, and community to come share a story, craft, or tradition they would like to share with our students.

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Cultural Education

Pudu Nugadu

Dance Troupe

Our students dance and perform at many events in Nevada, California and New Mexico. We love to share our culture through dance and song. Students also fundraise for an end of the year trip for college tours and to attend the Gathering of Nations Powwow.